Pollen Microscopy


Book: Pollen Microscopy


NEW Book, published November 2015
Pollen is fascinating material for anyone interested in looking down a microscope, or discovering where their bees have been foraging. 
The variety of sizes and shapes give clues as to the ingenious ways plants utilise the weather and insect
behaviour to deliver pollen to its intended destination. This book shares techniques on successful microscopy
accompanied by ~100 illustrations of Norman’s pollen drawings and their source.

21cm x 21 cm book, 132 pages full colour.     ISBN: 978-1-907092-10-7    £21.00 plus p&p





Inside a Beehive


Book: Inside a Beehive


A photographic look, in full colour, frame by frame, through the brood box of a south London (UK) beehive in August.
The text is given in English, French and Spanish. Can you see the Queen on p13?
Includes black & white photocopiable picture to colour, and Spot the Difference activity.

Honey bees, and many plants and crops which depend on them for pollination and fruiting are in MAJOR trouble. £1 from the sale of each book will be donated to research on honey bee health and well being currently being conducted at the Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects, University of Sussex, UK by Professor Francis Ratnieks and his team.

9" x 7" book, 36 pages full colour.     ISBN: 978-1-907092-04-6    £7.99 plus p&p

Constructive Beekeeping


Book:  Constructive Beekeeping

A unique book on the DIY of beekeeping by Norman Chapman, a Surrey (UK) beekeeper.
This is the book author would have really appreciated when he started beekeeping.

A4 format, 180 pages; over 140 B&W illustrations; over 20 projects.
ISBN: 978-0-9541700-0-4    £17.99 plus p&p